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Author Topic: Ed Cunningham - Year End Report  (Read 7315 times)

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E Cunningham

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Ed Cunningham - Year End Report
« on: January 10, 2009, 10:16:43 PM »
I started my Haven on December 1,2007.  The forms and platform took a considerable amount of time but went rather easily.  I encountered my first major problem when the top plank of my transom developed a crack.  I ended up removing and repacing it.

The set up went fine but my keel stock cupped.  Thankfully I was able to fix this by soaking the other side and quickly steaming it in place.  Planking seemed to be an endless process I measured and remeasured each plank.  I tried to be as careful as possible but managed to destroy one garbed and one #9 plank.

I cut the sheer out of one plank at a cost of over $300.00 (building this boat is an expensive process), after cutting, shaping and fasting the sheer in place I found a surface crack at station 10 on the port side.  I haven't decided what to do but I am leaning to replacing it prior to riveting.  My wife named the boat "Simply the Best" after a Tina Turner song she heard with my daughters at a concert in Boston.

Building this boat has been an absolute joy I have not been able to do much lately because of the winter cold but I look forward to painting her and turning her over in early spring.  I look forward to many hours of work on the boat in the warm weather.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading this forum and studying the beautiful pictures of  boats on the web site.  I usually work alone but I always know that there are many builders out there who will help me when I have a problem or question.

Thanks to all you Haven builders,

Ed C


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