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Author Topic: Miyot Year end report- 2010  (Read 5320 times)

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Miyot Year end report- 2010
« on: January 04, 2011, 11:25:06 AM »
Started my Haven in late Sept.  I have just completed bending my oak frames.  I'll go over some of the difficulties I have run into.   After the initial set up and making the keel pattern I found I needed to shim the trunk up about 1/4 to 5/16 of an inch to match the numbers in the plans.  The keel pattern fit over all just perfect.  Landing on each mold just where it should, matching the keel height at each station as per the plans and fitting at the stem and transom just right and on the numbers.  However the frames or oak ribs did not join the keel at the proper height.  They were all low, (1/4-5/16), and went too far under the keel.  So I figured two options, lower each floor or mold height and trunk the 1/4 to 5/16 and throw off the transom and stem set up and mess with all that work, and be off the numbers called for. Or shim each oak frame up.  And thats what I did.  I made a 13/16 frame fid and used it on each mold.  I slid it up to the keel, measured the gap and made a shim to match.  Three sizes worked just about right.  I made my shims 12" long and as thick as each gap.  Screwed them on the mold with one screw, and feathered them down with the spoke shave.  From the required thickness at the keel to paper thin at the other end.  After installing them it even looked better.  Molds 1-2 and 3 and 21 and 22 did not need shimmed.  Bent on the oak frames over the last week and I'm getting ready to install the floors.  With the frames bent on, I was surprised at how fair it has become.  But I found another glitch.  I had suspected mold 22 was off while beveling.  Bending on the frames confirmed it.  Bending a batten around the setup was beautiful.  Just a little fairing left to do.  Except for mold 22.  The batten fairs perfectly, from the stem rabbit to the transom.  Except at mold 22.  The mold is to small, all the way around.  I believe I can just move the entire mold aft until it touches the fairing battens and transom, and it will work.  Or take it out and bend in a frame after turnover.  Whatever.  3 months in and I hope to be planking in a couple weeks.  All yea, watched Jaws II the other night.  It opens with a pretty good look at a Haven.  I spotted several in the movie, or they were the same one seen twice.  Back to building! Great Fun.


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